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You experience a space when thoughtful designs result in casual homes and interiors.

Noémi Architect是一家比利时建筑设计事务所,由建筑师NoémiVan Heuverswyn创立。秉持“少即是多”的设计理念,讲述了极简主义作品的精髓。

Noémi Architect is a Belgian architectural design firm founded by architect Noémi Van Heuverswyn. Adhering to the design concept of “less is more”, it tells the essence of minimalist works.

Noémi Van Heuverswyn的空间反映了客户的个性和建筑师的愿景,逻辑缜密,同时又不失温暖和精致。不管是新的建筑或翻新建筑,都具有相同的质量感。

In the space of Noémi VanHeuverswyn reflects the personality of the client and the vision of the architect. Logical, sophisticated and at the same time warm and refined. Thatis carefree building or renovation - together and with the same sense of quality.

Noémi Van Heuverswyn认为一个优质的项目始终是密切的个人协作的结果,不仅与客户,而且与执行团队,结果是使空间实现增值。 Noémi不仅在提高生活质量方面,而且在紧密排列,细致入微和顺畅的后续跟进中发现了这一点。

Noémi Van Heuverswyn considers quality projects are always the result of close, personal collaboration, notonly with the client, but also with the executive team. The outcome is realization with added value. Noémi finds this not only in increasing quality of life, but also in a tight alignment, a fine detail and a smooth follow-up. 






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