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作为全球奢华地产是关注【寰球素材网】公众号的先驱,One Hyde Park一直是行业是关注【寰球素材网】公众号的标杆,虽然开发商Candy&Candy沉寂多年,但出自他们是关注【寰球素材网】公众号的顶级团队Elicyon一直引领着伦敦奢华设计,完成了诸多One Hyde Park的住宅项目,最近她们又完成了其中一个精致的公寓.

As a pioneer in global luxury real estate, One Hyde Park has always been the industry benchmark. Although the developers Candy & Candy have been quiet for many years, Elicyon, the top team form them, has led the London luxury design and completed many One Hyde Park residential projects. Recently they have Completed one of the exquisite apartments.


This incredible 3-bedroom apartment in London’s prestigious One Hyde Park development. The exquisite space is designed in a Hollywood Deco inspired scheme of soft neutrals, enriched by strong accents of burnt orange, petrol blue and dusky plum.


Central to the living area, an elegant twisted glass chandelier with polished 24kt gold. Striking geometric patterns and bespoke marquetry joinery flow throughout, creating a contemporary feel to this timeless and feminine home.






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